12 February 2012

Project 365: 36-42

Day 36

I try to spend a few minutes ironing all of Asher's school clothes on Sunday nights so that mornings are easier during the week. I love having an indoor laundry area so I can just lay out all of his uniforms and have them ready to go.

Day 37

How many men (and babies) does it take to hang curtains? Asher was hiding because the drill was loud, but Jack was right in the middle of it all helping our KY friends hang up our curtains.

Day 38

Some after school play time for Asher and his friends. We usually hang out on the playground for a while before we head back home.

Day 39

Our KY friends worked hard in Bangkok and have already headed back home. Asher and his new buddy had to say goodbye over some Mango and Sticky Rice. A pretty good way to say farewell.

Day 40

Jack and I were killing some time waiting for Asher to be finished at school. Nothing makes Jack smile more than seeing himself.

Day 41

To celebrate surviving another volunteer group we had an at home date night. Pizza, sweet tea and Cinnabon for dessert.

Day 42

Asher's buddy Emma is back from America and he was so excited to see her. He declared Saturday to be Emma Day. They had lots of fun running around and screaming while we said goodbye to some other friends heading back to the States.

1 comment:

Anthony & Sharon said...

Jealous that you have 5 uniforms! We only have 2 and his sports day...so it means I have to iron twice in a week. Terrible I know. :)
Cinnabon? Yes please!