15 February 2012

A Day of School with Asher

Recently Asher's school has started posting pictures on Facebook so that we can see a little more of what goes on there during the day.

In the mornings the whole school lines up in the garden to sing the national anthem. They usually sing some other songs and learn some new words in English or Chinese and one of the older students will read a Bible verse. This is Asher with his teachers and his class.

Here's Asher's class having a little circle time. I don't think they actually have chairs in his room. Now that I think about it, I actually have never seen a chair at his school.

Asher and the boys are coloring while the girls do some little Montessori activity thing. His school is Montessori and no, I don't really know what that means.

Story time!

Asher and his buddy.

Waiting for the bathroom. This must be from several months ago, Asher has short hair and he looks like a baby.

Before lunch they all wash their hands. Asher looks like he is fighting hard to get to that faucet.

Lunch is where Asher excels. Almost everyday someone at the school will make a comment about the amount of food the boy eats. I think his record is three plates of noodles.

There were a lot of pictures of Asher eating.

I think they eat noodles almost everyday. According to Asher they do occasionally have rice or sticky rice. They also get a piece of fruit for dessert.

All the boys lining up on the playground. They were giant red bibs all day long. This makes perfect sense when you think about what could happen to a room full of 3 year olds in white shirts.

Before nap time they all brush their teeth. Asher tells me that when they are thirsty they can go get their cup and get a drink. His cup is pink, of course.

After nap time they usually have a Thai dessert like beans in coconut milk. With ice. And jellies. Seriously.

Then it's back to the circle for some fun songs and games while they wait for the bell to ring. When the bell rings they all head out to the playground to play and wait for Mommy and Daddy to pick them up.

We are so proud of Asher. Less than a year ago we dropped him off at a new school, with new teachers and a new language. He didn't even flinch, he just walked right in and learned to understand and speak Thai. According to his teacher he can understand everything that goes on in the classroom and he can speak just like the other little boys. Last night he even sang a song for me in Thai. He told me that this is the song they sing before they have coffee or noodles. I was unaware of the coffee break, but I do think this is their prayer that they sing before they eat lunch.

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Brittney said...

That's crazy awesome that your son is fluent in two languages (and that yall are too!) Too cool. Love the school updates. Your son is a brave and willing little dude to be so open to new opportunities :) Precious!