09 July 2012

Project 365: 162-168

Day 162

Asher thinks the Funarium is only open when Mimi is in town and we have done very little to correct this way of thinking. I think Uncle Mel had just as much fun as Asher jumping on the trampolines and going down the slides. It was a great day until the very end when Asher, Mel and Mimi (while holding Jack) went down the slides all at the same time. Asher got going so fast he flipped over into another lane. Several employees jumped in to help him and Mimi (while holding Jack) plowed over them, making absolutely no effort to slow down. Asher, of course, was traumatized by his small floor burn and everyone else just sort of looked confused.

Day 163

Monday, also known as the day that stressed me out so badly I ended up with shingles, ended on a good note when Roger came home from a trip and brought Asher a new watch. Asher was so happy he just ran around in circles chirping and jumping.

Day 164

Since we had guests we splurged on some real hot dogs and broke out the grill. Asher and Jack made us proud by showing absolutely no self-control and eating 2 hot dogs each and then begging for more.

Day 165

There's Jack. I leave the front door open and he just roams in and out of the house. He's too little to get the gate open yet, so he can't escape, and he seems to entertain himself pretty well when he's allowed to be a bit free-range.

Day 166

Now that Jack can walk, it's fun to take him to Asher's school. He plays with the littlest kids while we wait for Asher's class to finish and then he likes to follow Asher around and do whatever he is doing.

Day 167

We got up really early and caught our flight to Hanoi, soon after landing we wondered into a local restaurant, pointed at a few things on the menu and realized we didn't know how to speak the language at all.

Day 168

The first morning we were in Hanoi I woke up early and enjoyed a bit of the early morning from our balcony. It definitely wasn't quiet (they are excessive horn honkers in Vietnam) but it was sort of peaceful until I realized it wasn't fog enveloping the city, but just more smog.

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