21 July 2012

Project 365: 176 - 182

Day 176

We thought about actually paying to go inside the Wax Museum, but Melvin found exactly what he wanted outside the doors.

Day 177

Roger and I celebrated our 7th anniversary with a little date at our favorite dessert place.

Day 178

For Mimi's last morning in Bangkok we got up and headed back to our favorite dessert place for some amazing pancakes.

Day 179

Mimi headed back to America and life returned to normal in Bangkok. Since my live in babysitter was gone Jack had to wake up from his nap a few minutes early and make the trip to Asher's school with me. This has become the highlight of Jack's day. He likes to get a milk and sit on the bench and then cheer and scream when Asher walks out.

Day 180

Asher and his schools friends were waiting for their turn to see the dentist. I love the fact that Asher is about a foot taller and 10 shades whiter than the other kids in his class.

Day 181

After school we made a quick stop by the mall to buy some new books. Roger and Asher found a cozy place to read and enjoy a nice view.

Day 182

Rainy season won this battle. My clothes were almost dry and the sky was clear when I set off down the street to buy some rice for lunch. As we waited for our order I noticed the sky begin to darken and a few drops of rain started to fall. Then the sky opened and I just sat under a leaky tin roof, waiting for some fried rice, all the time knowing that my two loads of almost dry laundry were no longer dry.

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