24 July 2012

Project 365: 190 - 196

Day 190

Jack had fun pouring water from cups into a pitcher and back to the cups and then into the pitcher and then into the cups...
My bright idea was to use drinking water instead of tap water so that he could drink the water if the notion struck him (it struck).

Day 191

Trying to organize a month's worth of pictures from several different sources took me a long time. Finally, I think I am about to catch up.

Day 192

Roger took some visiting college students to visit the Grand Palace. He still maintains that the Grand Palace is the hottest place in Bangkok. It had been raining up until they arrived and suddenly the sun came out and the temperature (and humidity) shot up making it one of the hottest days we have had since the beginning of rainy season. Despite the heat Roger took some cool pictures of details around the Grand Palace complex.

Day 193

My littlest shadow keeps me company all day long. In the afternoons we park the car in a parking lot near Asher's school and I let Jack hold my hand and walk until we get to the busy street. He loves getting to walk like a big kid and on this day he loved chasing his own shadow.

Day 194

It's happening! They are finally starting to like (tolerate) each other! Asher loves to help Jack by taking his shoes off of him. Jack loves to be near Asher so he lets Asher take his shoes off of him. Asher's basic strategy is just to pull until the shoes finally pop off Jack's feet. I think it looks painful, but Jack thinks it's funny.

Day 195

The boys and I spent the afternoon at a local park with our new college friends and our old friend, Mark Whitt. Uncle Mark was a big hit catching boys at the end of the slide and, well, just being near Uncle Mark seemed to make Asher and Jack pretty happy. 

Day 196

Roger was gone for the weekend so I headed to my air-conditioned bedroom early with my Kindle and a new book. A lively Saturday night in Bangkok.

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