26 July 2012

Project 365: 197 - 203

Day 197

Asher has finally been awakened to the joys of the iPhone. He has a few games for practicing letters and this week he discovered Angry Birds.

Day 198

One of Roger's friends bought the boys some new trucks. They were so happy that they took them outside and played (without bothering each other) for at least 10 minutes. I took a chair outside and read a book. It's times like this that the future looks very bright.

Day 199

Jack thinks he's a big kid when we go to pick up Asher from school. If we get there early we go over the playground and Jack gets to play with all of the kids in the nursery class.

Day 200

This kid is a mess! He cracks us up with his big smile and his goofy laugh. All day long he just runs around the house yelling his name, driving cars and getting into stuff.

Day 201

While waiting for the dentist Asher grabbed my newspaper and told me to play Angry Birds while he read the news. I tried reminding him that he didn't know how to read, but he didn't seem to care.

Day 202

In a house full of tile floors and little boys, I suppose it was inevitable that we would eventually lose a tooth. Asher was pretty excited about it (after recovering from the fall) and I have to admit he looks pretty cute showing off his missing tooth and telling everyone that it means he's a big boy.

Day 203

We took our college visitors down to the beach for two days so they could relax a little before heading back to the States. Jack continued the Hampton family tradition of not being a beach lover. In fact, even sitting on this towel he was a little uncomfortable being too close to the sand.

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