22 July 2012

Project 365: 183 - 189

Day 183

Sleepy Asher boy had his bath and he was ready to go to bed. Unfortunately he was so excited about his upcoming flight to Chiang Mai he had trouble falling asleep.

Day 184

Our little traveling man had his backpack on and was ready to go. He strutted through the airport with his bag full of snacks, he couldn't wait to get on that plane and get to Chiang Mai.

Day 185

Roger and I took the first opportunity we got to go eat some delicious Kao Soy, a special northern Thai curry soup. It was amazing and we made time to eat it again later in the week.

Day 186

We went for a walk one evening and Asher found a nice elephant to pose with. I love his new serious look he likes to give the camera.

Day 187

Jack got into some of the goodies we got during our meetings. He enjoyed the Fritos, but only if there were eaten directly from the bag. Put them in a cup or on a plate and he wanted no part of it.

Day 188

Asher settled in for our flight back to Bangkok. He thinks all flights are trans-Pacific 12 hour long journeys and always seems a bit disappointed to land after only an hour.

Day 189

After a long week in Chiang Mai and late night flight back to Bangkok Asher was actually tired enough to nap.

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