05 August 2012

Project 365: 211 - 217

Day 211

It's hard being the littlest guy. He knows all of the yummy drinks are up there, but he just can't quite reach all the way up there.

Day 212

Our neighbor's banana tree is growing right into our yard. Would it be wrong to slip out there in the dark and slice down a bunch of bananas? Asher is fascinated by them and we have to go over there several times a day to see if they have gotten bigger.

Day 213

One of Asher and Jack's friends made me my very own Angry Birds game. He explained that I just needed to draw a dotted line leading to where I wanted the bird to go, then erase the bird I shot and draw in a new one when I wanted to shoot again. A very low-tech approach to Angry Birds.

Day 214

I am very much enjoying my days at home with Jack. He just loves to play and play and then crash on the couch with me and watch a movie.

Day 215

Jack is following in Asher's footsteps by being absolutely obsessed with driving cars. Those two spend hours everyday driving their little cars all around the house.

Day 216

Roger found Fla-Vor-Ice popsicles at some hidden store in Bangkok and we were able to introduce Asher to a great American summertime tradition.

Day 217

We sort of decided to finally do something about our mess of a bedroom. We bought a bed when we moved into this house, but haven't really had anything else for our bedroom. A spur of the moment IKEA trip led to bedside tables and a duvet cover. Which led to buying lamps and digging out those wonderful Jim Thompson pillows we bought when we first moved here. Definitely a good change.

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Anthony & Sharon said...

We just finally did something about our bedroom too. We've literally lived over a year with no mirror in the master bedroom or bathroom. And did you know that Jim Thompson disappeared in Malaysia in the Cameron Highlands? I love that story. :)