30 August 2012

Project 365: 232 - 238

Day 232

We had dinner with friends and they have some grass, so Asher rolled around in it. A week later we are still getting over a rash.

Day 233

Roger taught Asher how to dunk an Oreo. We thought it would change his life. He didn't seem to care too much about it, but he was sort of upset that his fingers got dirty.

Day 234

A close up of the pillows on our bed. Love them.

Day 235

Jack wanted to drink out of a cup with no lid. I wanted him to drink his milk out of the box. I guess you could call this a compromise.

Day 236

Nothing beats a popsicle on a hot afternoon.

Day 237

Now that we have a car and for the first time in 6 years live on a street that doesn't flood, I actually like rainy season.

Day 238

Roger and Asher went out on Saturday morning to run a few errands. While walking near Starbucks, Asher said, "Well...actually now I am hungry and thirsty." Nothing better than a morning out with daddy.


Anthony & Sharon said...

Yay for not flooding! And did Asher lose a tooth? That last pic looks like there's a spot open!! :)

roger and courtney said...

Yep, we are already down a tooth. Tile floors + wild boy. I feel like there's a lot of pressure to not knock out anymore until they are actually ready to come out on their own.