29 August 2012

Project 365: 225 - 231

Day 225

Asher made a card for me at school and Roger supervised a little bit of finger painting at home and I had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Day 226

We went to the park since it was a holiday and there wasn't too much traffic. The boys played hard and then got tired a long way from the car, so we had to improvise and make our own double stroller. Now this is their favorite thing to do with the stroller.

Day 227

Some friends shared a little secret with us: real milk has come to Bangkok. All of you in Asia can be jealous because we made a cake and washed it down with milk that didn't have that uniquely Asian flavor to it. Of course, I am too embarrassed to admit how much we paid for a half gallon or to admit how far we had to drive to find the grocery store that carried this milk, but wow, it was pretty amazing to have a cold glass of milk.

Day 228

So, evidently, Asher has pictures made at school recently. And they dressed him in a three piece suit. This is by far our favorite picture, but there are 16 other poses that make me giggle every time I see them.

Day 229

I think we accidentally adopted a kitten. Well, the boys did. I am trying to have nothing to do with it, but I still end being the one that has to go buy it food and rescue it when the mean neighborhood cats chase it under the car.

Day 230

The baby was sick, so Asher decided he would fix it...by beating it with a hammer. Jack cheered him on while he beat the snot out of the baby doll and declared it healed.

Day 231

We have a lot of picnics on the floor because certain 1 year olds tend to eat a lot more when they get to sit on the floor. Actually this particular 1 year old eats best if you just let him roam around and then shove food in his mouth while he is playing. I think it's ridiculous, but all of my neighbors are proud of me for finally feeding Jack the Thai way.

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