03 August 2012

Project 365: 204 - 210

Day 204

I was out with the boys taking a nice afternoon bike ride when Asher spotted these little flowers hanging off of our neighbors tree. They were all hanging upside down and the next day when we walked by they were all gone.

Day 205

Mother's Day is coming up, so Asher needed to take a picture of us to school for a Mother's Day project. I looked through all of our recent pictures and there were no pictures of the two of us, so before school one morning we stepped into our magic photo corner and Roger got some good shots.

Day 206

Yummy fish sauce, it's the Thai answer to salt and it makes almost everything taste better. I had dinner with a group of girls to say goodbye to a friend that is returning to the States. We met up at a nice food court and ordered a lot of Thai food to eat while we said goodbye and sent her off.

Day 207

Dirty dishes are the bane of my existence. Everyday they are there and it's like they just multiply when I'm not looking. Occasionally, the dish washing fairy swoops in and rescues me from my misery, but most days I just dream of a dish washer and hot water in my kitchen sink.

Day 208

Asher was all dressed up and ready for something, but I'm not sure what. It was raining after school, but he insisted on putting his sunglasses and hat on so he could go outside and not get water in his eyes.

Day 209

Baths were finished and the boys smelled nice and clean. After they played in the bed for a while they got their toothbrushes and got a little silly while they brushed their teeth.

Day 210

Jack caught his first glimpse of the Olympics on my laptop. Roger and I were reminiscing the other night and remembered that we were on our honeymoon in Thailand when they first announced that London would host the 2012 games. Wow. When the Beijing olympics started we were in Surabaya waiting for Asher to be born. That seems like a lifetime ago.

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