12 August 2012

Project 365: 218 - 224

Day 218

Sunday dinner. Obviously not cooked by me. Shh, don't tell, I never do.

Day 219

Asher and his Kia Dog were having fun playing dress up before bed.

Day 220

I had my very own little helper unload the washer for me. Unfortunately, he reloaded it as soon as he was done. And he pushed all the buttons on the washer and made it stop mid-cycle at least 3 times last week.

Day 221

The boys were sort-of-but-not-really enjoying the morning commute. Jack was just confused about being woken up so early and Asher was really ready to get to school.

Day 222

It rained after school and I had the umbrella with me. An amazing day. It would have been more amazing if Asher was taller or hadn't insisted on carrying the umbrella himself.

Day 223

Such a handsome boy! He got all dressed up for his school program and even decided to wear his watch.

Day 224

Sometimes we make Jack angry. I think we suggested he eat dinner. Perhaps we implied that if he wanted anything at all for dinner he better just eat that spaghetti. I felt like I was living life with the Honest Toddler.

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