10 August 2012

Mother's Day 2012 (Thai Style)

Thailand knows how to do Mother's Day. It's a real holiday, like with no work and no school. It's celebrated every August 12, the day of the Queen's birthday. I think every school has a big celebration in honor of the Queen and also to honor all of the mothers in Thailand.
Asher was old enough this year that he was part of his school's program. Roger and I sat through two hours of the older kids dancing and singing in order to see Asher's class sing a song. Totally worth it.
Asher did a great job singing, but couldn't quite bring himself to do any of the hand motions or dancing. He gets it honest, us Hampton's just don't dance.

It was like a swarm of paparazzi when Asher's class took the stage. I found a place on the side of the church where I could stand on my tip toes and mostly see Asher. Roger pushed his way to the front to take pictures, but often found his view blocked by all of the people filming the performance on their iPads.
Don't worry, professional video coverage of the event will be available on DVD next week.

After Asher's class sang their song the whole school got up together to sing a Mother's Day song in Thai, Chinese and English (the three languages they study at school). Asher tore it up on the Chinese and English songs.
Afterwards we skipped out on the post-program rice and headed to McDonald's to celebrate Asher's first public performance. On the way we stopped to take a few more pictures.

I felt quite celebrated except for the fact that Asher told me that my Mother's Day card was for Daddy and my Mother's Day flower was for him. I asked him what I was going to get and he just said, "I no understand that" and went back to driving his cars.

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