20 November 2012

Project 365: 302 - 308

Day 302

I got brave and wore jewelry to church. After I spent a few hours on the nursery floor while every single kid "explored" my jewelry I remembered why it was a bad idea.

Day 303

Yum yum yum. Jack went crazy on some rice.

Day 304

Love the city, hate the traffic.

Day 305

We spent the last day of Asher's school break hanging out with friends, watching Thomas and sword fighting.

Day 306

Asher headed back to school after his mid-term break. He was super excited to see all of his friends.

Day 307

Bangkok does not give us the opportunity to enjoy fall, so we decided to just pretend. We cranked up the AC and baked a bunch of fall goodies to go along with our very homemade Pumpkin Spice lattes.

Day 308

I got up early and headed to the hospital with Jack so he could have his hernia repaired. We are so spoiled here, we waited in a fancy lounge and Jack had 4 nurses following him around. It was so sad leaving him in the operating room, but at least I got to stay until he was asleep. The surgery was quick and we were back at our house less than 3 hours later.

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