15 November 2012

Project 365: 274 - 280

Day 274

After we picked Roger up at the airport we headed to the park to check out the turtles and climb on some stuff.

Day 275

Asher had his first field trip. His class rode a bus (big pink bus! with pictures of Lightning McQueen!) over to the aquarium and spent the morning looking at fish. It was pretty much the highlight of his entire month. He still talks about it.

Day 276

Since Asher was out of school we met some friends for a morning at the park. Asher's favorite part was getting to hold Ellie while we loaded the car.

Day 277

Jack got a little wild with some after lunch Oreos.

Day 278

Evidently all of the men in this family are genetically pre-disposed to leg crossing.

Day 279

Jack thinks there is nothing more fun that playing in his big brother's room.

Day 280

Asher's buddy gave him some Thomas chopsticks for his birthday. They are the training kind with little holes for his fingers and he can eat almost anything with them.

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