21 November 2012

Project 365: 309 - 315

Day 309

The doctor told me Jack would be fine the day after surgery, but considering he had stitches and had been under anesthesia I didn't believe her. Turns out she was right. Jack woke up and acted like nothing was wrong.

Day 310

I love that he wants to help keep the car clean, I don't love when I get lectured about driving through puddles so that the car will stay clean.

Day 311

Poor little fellow. He was up early in the morning and then he didn't get to take a good nap. He crashed in the car on the way to pick up Asher.

Day 312

Sometimes (lots of times) when Roger is working at night we eat popcorn, watch a movie and just have fruit and yogurt for dinner.

Day 313

We got new water bottles for the boys. Poor Jack couldn't figure his out at first (you have to bite to get the water out), but he eventually did get it after Asher explained it to him.

Day 314

There's a new turtle at school. Is there anything better when you are 4?

Day 315

Do you think this looks loud? Because I can assure you it was even louder than it looks.

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