18 November 2012

Project 365: 295 - 301

Day 295

Asher spent the afternoon with a container of water, a rock and two horses. He had a blast.

Day 296

I know that the very kind employee that gave Jack his own cart to push was trying to help, but wow, what a bad idea. Luckily most of the people he ran over worked at the grocery store, so I didn't feel bad.

Day 297

This week's super fun amazing outing was to the Bangkok Science Center. If the subway/skytrain/walk didn't wear us out, the toddler playroom sure did.

Day 298

So, another one of Asher's teeth randomly fell out. We are assuming it was just loose from his fall earlier this year. We were all sitting on the couch and he said, "Mom, this thing is in my mouth." Then he handed me a tooth. It was weird.

Day 299

Puzzles have been all the rage around here lately. Unfortunately they also cause a lot of rage in 22 month olds that can't quite figure it out by themselves.

Day 300

Our neighbor's bananas continue to grow into our yard. Still don't know the etiquette as far as whether or not we have any claim on them.

Day 301

The infant car seat is finally out of our extra bathroom (hey, there's no closets in these Asian houses) thanks to Craig's List.

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