10 December 2012

Project 365: 323 - 329

Day 323

King David was royally thrilled with the little sinks at the mall.

Day 324

Asher's bed was just waiting for him to jump in.

Day 325

We pass trucks like this all the time, but I finally captured the craziness.

Day 326

We headed to Chiang Mai for Thanksgiving and decided to show the boys the spot where Roger proposed. They were unimpressed with the family history lesson, but quite taken with the construction equipment.

Day 327

Before we headed off to stuff ourselves with turkey we stopped by the Chiang Mai zoo and saw some animals. Roger fed a cheetah pieces of raw meat. He said it was the best trip to the zoo he has ever had.

Day 328

We enjoyed a lovely retreat in the mountains outside of Chaing Mai. Roger went zip-lining, we spent hours talking with friends and the boys went wild on the playground with their friends.

Day 329

I took my first flight alone with the boys. It was late at night and a short flight and I think it was mostly a success. It was a little sticky for a while when both boys were asleep and wouldn't wake up to walk off of the plane, but we made it.


Anthony & Sharon said...

So the um bir...feather? in the nest...is that banana leaves?

roger and courtney said...

Asher wanted a nest, so I sent him outside and he came back with banana leaves and weeds. Then I googled "how to draw a bird" and somehow he got some glue and pasta and....well, there it was.