12 December 2012

Project 365: 330 - 336

Day 330

Asher is so very proud of his little Christmas tree. He turns it on as soon as he wakes up every morning and proudly hangs a new ornament from our Jesse Tree story on it every night.

Day 331

My little school boy marches down the hall every morning to put away his backpack before he runs off to the playground to see his friends.

Day 332

I enjoyed my first (and probably last) Peppermint Mocha of the season, definitely my favorite Starbucks drink.

Day 333

My friend Shalinn is moving back to America. She moved to Bangkok right around the same time Jack made his appearance in Bangkok and we have seen her almost every week since then. She is an amazing worship leader and we will definitely miss her talents on Wednesday mornings.

Day 334

Asher asked if we could make a birds nest. We did it. I officially have used up all of my craftiness.

Day 335

Asher was part of the morning assembly and helped to raise the flag during the national anthem. He was very serious during his task and very proud afterwards.

Day 336

We spent the whole day kicking off the Christmas season. We put up the tree, decorated the house and then ended the day with a trip downtown to see all the Christmas lights.

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