07 December 2012

Project 365: 316 - 322

Day 316

Little bit had to go back to the doctor to get his bandages taken off and then he got cozy and took a long afternoon nap.

Day 317

Snack time got complicated when Jack spilled his cereal and saw the big pigeons start circling up around him.

Day 318

Everybody is heading home from work. Luckily I was headed into the city, so I got to miss some of the traffic.

Day 319

Yay Asher! He got all A's in English. Love it. 

Day 320

Asher skipped school and after we did some grocery shopping we grabbed some lunch at the mall. Asher's new thing is paying for stuff and getting change back. He's pretty funny about it, he will just stand there holding his hand out waiting and waiting for the clerk to give him some money back.

Day 321

Jack was worn out after playgroup and was getting pretty silly waiting for nap time.

Day 322

Asher loves to wear long sleeves  and he loves to pose for photos.

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