14 December 2012

Project 365: 337 - 343

Day 337

My laundry basket grew legs and ran away from me.

Day 338

I stopped by the hospital to check in on a friend and got a nice shot of central Bangkok.

Day 339

Asher had a program at school to celebrate Father's Day. He stood up in the front of everyone and sang with his class and made a card for his Daddy.

Day 340

We celebrated Father's Day by wearing our yellow shirts in honor of the king and spending the whole day at home together. Asher was a good little Thai boy and wai-ed his Daddy.

Day 341

Mimi's Christmas present is on the way to America. I think it will make her giggle every time she sees it.

Day 342

Jack and I spent the morning at the hospital playing with Emma on the rooftop garden. I think these two are just about 9 months apart, so technically they could be brother and sister like everyone thought. They both love to cuddle and to run and neither one of them likes to share Goldfish crackers.

Day 343

I met up with some friends for dinner at Terminal 21. I am always amazed by the big express escalator, you can go straight from floor 1 up to floor 5.

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Anthony & Sharon said...

I had no clue there was even a thing as "central" Bangkok! The city just seems to go on and on. (learn something new everyday!)