30 December 2012

Project 365: 351 - 357

Day 351

We took the boys and went to look at Christmas lights. Last year it was relatively cool and we wore long sleeves and pretended it was cold. This year is was like 95 degrees and 90% humidity.  A true Bangkok Christmas.

Day 352

While getting rid of all of our loose change I came across all of these different coins: Japanese Yen (used to share a washer with former Tokyo dwellers), Indonesian Rupiah (used to live there), Malaysian Ringgit (visited there a few times), Thai Baht and a few American coins. 

Day 353

Asher brought home a Christmas ornament from school. I asked him if he made it and he enthusiastically told me no, his teacher made it, which to him makes it even more special.

Day 354

So those two really like to eat plain pieces of bread in the afternoons. I don't really get it.

Day 355

Jack and I went on a little Christmas shopping expedition that included a water taxi ride. Unfortunately it was quite unsuccessful, but Jack did enjoy being on the water. Also, I think Jack looks exactly like Asher in this picture.

Day 356

We took Granny up to the top of the tallest building in Thailand. While Granny enjoyed the views of the city Jack enjoyed driving the tuk-tuk.

Day 357

Asher took Granny to see some Christmas trees. Then he taught her how to take pictures like a Thai.

1 comment:

Anthony & Sharon said...

That 20 cent piece is all too familiar and I am HOPELESS with Thai money...I do that thing where I hold out my hand and hope they don't take more than what the price is.
My kids do that thing with plain bread too. Weird. There's actually a jingle with the "Gardenia" sliced bread here... "Tastes so good you can even eat it on its own!" Maybe WE are the ones who are weird?