01 September 2009

Asher Against Global Warming

On our most recent Saturday Adventure we packed up the car and headed to our nation's capital. While Roger and I were just there to see the sights, Asher went with a clear objective: to protest global warming on the national stage. Roger made sure to document his protests.

Asher headed to Capital Hill to launch his protest and get his message out there.

Warm is not Cool!

Later in the day he headed over to the White House to try and meet Barack Obama and communicate his message to the highest power in the land.

No luck on getting into the White House, but that did not deter Asher.

He took his protest to the street in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

After a nap and some Cheerio's our little protester finally ran into his fellow Anak Indonesia, Barack Obama. Asher's a little blurry in the picture because he kept trying to walk away, Mr. and Mrs. President were a little scary in person.

Now all of you tree-hugging Environmentalists can sleep a little better tonight because Asher is Against Global Warming and thanks to Baby Gap he was able to take his message to the top!

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rebecca said...

That is awesome.