20 September 2009

Asher's First Birthday

Here's a sneak peek of Asher's First Birthday. We celebrated with our friends here in Virginia, ate some cake, drank some Capri Suns and played with some balloons.


Brittney said...

AH! Happy Birthday Asher!
YEA for 1st birthday!! Love the pictures - and where did yall make that shirt for him? It's adorable! What's more adorable is that he's eating his cake with a fork! How on earth did you teach him that. Great pictures - if that was only a b-day preview we are in for a treat when the real post arrives :) Let us know what presents he got, fun things he does now that he's 1, and other great Asher stuff!!

roger and courtney said...

The shirt is from www.lunabtee.com, I love it! I'll post more later once we get the pictures from our photographer friend.

Beth said...

He is so ridiculously cute! Even if he has moved on from Maddie...hahaha

Sorry we couldn't come to the bday party today...I'm still working on his stuff! so, be looking for it in the mail!

Love you all!