11 September 2009

Asher in Virginia - Week 6

Asher's week in photos is late this week, but definitely worth the wait.

Sunday afternoon Asher was helping us with laundry, he loves to get into the laundry basket (and the drier and the toilet and anything else he can reach).

Monday morning Asher found a handsome boy looking at him in the mirror...and he decided to give that boy a big kiss! Every morning Asher spends a good amount of time checking himself out in the mirror, making sure he looks good before school.

Tuesday we picked Asher up early from school and went to the playground. Usually Asher just hangs out in the swings, but today we let him loose on the big kid playground. He showed off by climbing up to the very top to play with the wheel.

Wednesday afternoon after school Asher was showing off his walking skills in the quad. He got tired of walking, so he went back to crawling and soon ended up under a chair.

Thursday night Asher needed a bath and after we got him all clean we wrapped him up and took some pictures of that super cute baby in the mirror.

Friday evening Roger and I had to go out for a few hours and these wonderful friends watched Asher for us. Although he looks unhappy in the picture they told us he had a good time.

After a long, tiring week at school Asher was ready to get some sleep on Saturday afternoon. He took some good long naps this weekend and got himself ready for another busy week.

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Mindy Wilham said...

This is hilarious. Sometimes Alex sleeps on his back with his foot up on the side of the bed.