23 September 2009

Asher's School

For the past 8.5 weeks Asher has been in daycare. At first we hated it, he hated it and there was a lot of crying every morning.

But after a few days that all changed. Asher no longer cried when we dropped him off and in the afternoons he didn't even seem to eager to come home with us. He learned to crawl at daycare and to say bye-bye. We are pretty sure that he also learned to blow kisses, quack like a duck and hold up his finger when he hears "This Little Light of Mine" while he was at daycare. Overall it has been a great experience for all us, but I am looking forward to having Asher back at home with me.

These are Asher's teachers. They are very patient and have a very tough job, every 3 months they get in a fresh set of babies to work with. Most of the babies they take care of have never been in daycare, but they do a wonderful job playing and loving on all of them.

Everyday at school all of the babies load up in a big 6 baby stroller and go for a walk. After that is nap time, and from what I have heard Asher is usually the reason everybody else wakes up early. He talks so much he can't go to sleep and then he is so excited to get back to playing he wakes up early to talk some more. In the afternoons they play outside and take another nap before it's time to go home.

We are definitely going to miss Ms. Ealier, Mrs. Carolyn and everything about CERC when we leave!

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