18 September 2009

Asher's Prayer Card


Brittney said...

Obviously by the title's name Asher's prayer card is self explainatory but why are you doing these just b/c I'm curious :) And do the pictures have to be like passport pictures cause I will honestly say I have never seen a picture of him not smiling (except for that one when he was with Maddie- I think that was her name- and he was crying).
Give me the 411 on Asher's prayer card!

roger and courtney said...

They took these pictures of him at his school here in Virginia. They are for visas, passports, etc. I'm not sure what was going on when they took the picture, but he definitely doesn't look happy. They gave the pictures to me in a strip of 4 and every time I see it I crack up.
I sort of just did the prayer card thing for fun. But I am also working on getting a group of moms together to pray specifically for Asher and his needs during our time in Bangkok. One of the ladies here said that she felt like her children were really blessed to have people specifically praying for them as they grew up overseas.