14 September 2009

Asher in Virginia - Week 7

Another post full of pictures, just what the Mimi and Granny ordered.

Sunday night was Cultural Worship night just like always. This week was Korean worship and we were asked to wear our Sunday best. Since we are attending a House Church these days we don't get to dress Asher up too often (my Momma friend Brittney wrote about the same thing on her blog recently). We took full advantage of the dress up occasion and had Asher dressed to impress. This was also the first night he walked in his new shoes, we thought they would slow him down, but he was still walking like a champ.

Monday night was free sandwich at Chic-fil-a night. All we had to do was wear a team shirt and we could get a free sandwich. Roger was wearing a Louisville Cardinals shirt, I was wearing an Indonesia soccer shirt and Asher borrowed a Notre Dame football shirt. Just in case you were wondering, Asher did get a free sandwich and he did eat most of the chicken.

Tuesday night at bedtime Asher escaped while we were trying to get his pajamas on him and spent a few minutes walking around without his clothes (or diaper) on.

Wednesday night Roger and I went out for a date night and Asher spent some time with the Powell boys. He had a lot of fun playing with them and listening to Jackson play guitar. We heard that Jackson even wrote a song about Asher.

Thursday night Asher and I went out to the football/soccer/frisbee field to watch Roger play Ultimate frisbee. We went after Asher had a bath and was in his pajamas.

Friday was a little chilly and Asher's jacket was dirty so I had him wear his button down shirt to keep him warm. His teachers at school told him he looked like a rock star (we definitely agree).

Saturday afternoon we were walking through campus when we ran into Asher's girlfriend, Eden. We decided it was the perfect time to get some pictures of the little lovebirds. Aren't they cute together?


Brittney said...

I love that you got Asher a free Chick-fil-a sandwich. That is great. . .I'm tellin ya, who would have thought they'd be eatting big people food so fast. And his "church clothes" are precious on him - thanks for all the pictures!!

Kristie said...

Hi, I wanted to leave a note and ask if I could e-mail you to ask you some questions. I am originally from Kentucky and my husband is a grad from Southern. I couldn't find your e-mail address but mine is jaynkristie@hotmail.com

Will said...

Girlfriend?!?! I'm telling Madison and she's not going to like it. HA!

Great pics . . . glad yall are enjoying RVA.