22 September 2009

Asher in Virginia - Week 8

This is a recap of our last full week in Virginia. This week we will be heading back to Kentucky to spend some time with our families before heading off to our Canadian Winter Time Adventure.

Oops! Sunday I completely forgot to take a picture of Asher, so I went into his room after he went to sleep and snapped a quick photo. He is wearing his Christmas monkey pajamas and holding on tight to his froggy blanket.

Monday we spent the day in Washington, DC with all 400 of our buddies that are here for training. As you can see Asher was not too impressed with all of the historical sights.

Tuesday afternoon we noticed that Asher's one, solitary curl was looking particularly cute, so we took a picture of it.

Oops, again! Wednesday I forgot again to take a picture of Asher, so I had to go into his room again after he was asleep. This time he is sporting his striped car pajamas and I'm not sure where his froggy blanket is.

Thursday Asher got a package in the mail from Mimi. I opened the envelope for him and he pulled out some new clothes. He spent the rest of the night carrying around the envelope trying to give it to everybody that he saw.

Roger got a new lens for his camera and on Friday we tested it out on our favorite subject. I think Asher's eyes look amazing in this shot without any editing.

Saturday afternoon we went to the playground behind Asher's school to let him swing and play with all of the toys. He had fun going down the slide, but soon discovered that it was even more fun to climb up it!

Don't worry, more birthday pictures are coming soon.

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