11 November 2010

34 Weeks

I went to the doctor this week (and took my best little buddy Asher with me) to find out that I need to eat more. Every pregnant woman's dream! Evidently I actually lost weight the past two weeks, so per doctor's orders I need to eat more. I promised I would try my hardest, although I feel like all I do is eat because I am always hungry.

The doctor says baby boy is growing even if I'm not and he is still head down although he hasn't actually dropped down yet. Asher helped the doctor find the baby's heartbeat and I think it's finally starting to click with him that there is a baby, and not a ball, in my belly.

In other baby boy news, the great name debate has not yet been settled. Actually we both like two names and we just can't decide which one we like best. We tried asking Asher what his opinion was. He told us the baby's name was Braco Bob

Just to explain: braco is what Asher calls broccoli. One day I made some lame joke about Asher having braco in his diaper. Unfortunately it stuck and now Asher loves to point at his diaper and say braco. And then Daddy and Asher suddenly had these two new friends, Braco Bob and Diaper Dan. They are a pretty important part of our day. And now Asher has decided the baby's name is Braco Bob.


Here's the belly at the end of a very long day. One of those days that has you counting down the minutes to bed time and praising the Lord that your 2 year old really loves to go night-night.

I'm off to enjoy my evening. My homework is already half-way done, the house is clean and Roger is on his way home with some chocolate!

Update: Roger did better than chocolate...he came home with Cinnabon. He's the best!

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Anthony & Sharon said...

I'll admit... I scanned first and saw Braco Bob bold-faced and was disappointed. I thought the Braco sounded cool (Like, Brake-o, not Brocc-o) and immediately thought "Hmmm...just didn't take the hamptons for Bob types." and then was simultaneously relieved as I was actually reading your words by this point and finding out the real story.

Yay for sleep sleep time!