22 November 2010

An Asher Update

This is Asher's new favorite ball.

It's an outside only ball, so we have been spending a lot of time outside with it. He loves to throw it and kick it. He's getting a lot better at kicking balls (thank you Little Gym where they only play soccer and not basketball).

Asher is still obsessed with vehicles. When we go down the street he names everything we see. When he gets hurt or gets in trouble he will start crying and then start yelling for a taxi car. His favorite mode of transportation is usually a taxi car, but he loves to ride motorcycles, too.

He has gotten very particular about which clothes he wants to wear. His first choice every day is Hippo shirt, followed by Monster shirt or Dinosaur shirt. Usually he will settle for one of his shirts that has a car on it. Plain shirts or stripes are out of the question.

Asher is still sleeping great in his big boy bed. He does get out of the bed when he wakes up in the mornings and after his nap. His door stays shut so we just let him roam around for a little while. Normally his roaming just consists of going to his bookshelf, getting a book and then getting back in bed to look at the book. Every once in a while I will find the curtains pulled back a little bit and I know he has been looking out of the window.

His favorite book at the moment is "Bedtime for Francis." It's a book that I loved when I was a little girl and I'm glad that Asher also loves it. He reads it with Daddy almost every day before nap time. He also really like "The Cat in the Hat" (also known as Big Mimi Hat Book and no, I don't know why he calls the the cat Big Mimi).

Once or twice a week he goes to childcare while I go to Bible Study or MOPS. It's the same teacher for both events and he really likes getting to listen to music and mess around with Play-Doh. He comes home with a new art project every time, I think that painting has probably been his favorite so far. After class was over on the first day his teacher asked me what language he spoke because he was saying stuff in Thai and English. I told her he could speak Thai (which is a bit of stretch) and to not speak English to him during class. Since then he has been understanding more Thai. He also does Thai tutoring with me twice a week. We have a lady come over and talk with me and play with Asher. He's picking up new words and knows most of his animals in Thai.

Asher's favorite place to go is the park. While we are there he likes to run with the other runners around the track, drink water on the bench, watch the big boys skateboard and play takraw and go look in the pond to see the turtles.

Asher's favorite things are still his cars, his elephant and his stuffed bear. He loves to look at pictures of Mimi, Granny and the rest of the family. He loves to do push ups, planks and stretches with Daddy. He also loves to strum Roger's guitar.

Here's a little video from today. My new favorite Asher's phrase is definitely "ice water." He says it at the beginning of the video and I think it is so funny.

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