12 November 2010

The Latest Hampton House (Part 2)

Welcome back to our house tour. You can see Part 1 here.

Today we are going to see the rest of the downstairs.

Last Saturday night we had all of our language learning buddies over (and they had a surprise baby shower for me), so the downstairs got cleaned up a bit more than usual.

Here's our downstairs bathroom along with all of Asher's potties. They pretty much just sit there under the sink, one day they will get used...

I promise this is actually the floor after being cleaned. It just doesn't ever really get to be a clean color. I love that this bathroom is the classic Asian wet bathroom. There's a spigot under the sink and a drain in the corner. When I want to scrub the floor I just turn on the water, get out the Comet and go to town. When I'm done I can just rinse it down the drain.

When we moved in this bathroom was dark green, so one day we went and bought paint and brightened it up. Between the paint and the new mirror over the sink the bathroom looks much better.

Now on to our office.

(In case you missed it, the office would be the part of the kitchen counter containing the printer.)

This is our kitchen. I can honestly say I was blown away when I saw it. I was expecting a repeat of the Surabaya kitchen (small and built for someone under 5 feet tall). Instead I got a big open kitchen with actual cabinets!

When we moved into this house it was completely furnished for people coming to Bangkok for medical reasons. We had like 3 different food processors missing various parts, lots of plastic cups from the movie theatre and an interesting array of take-out containers. We just stuffed all of that stuff into the top parts of the cabinets and into the cabinets that we can't easily access. All of our stuff fits in about 3 cabinets especially since we don't keep much food at home.

The handle was taped onto the refrigerator when we moved in and after it fell off over and over again I decided it was easier to just leave it off.

Just for the record, my kitchen actually looks nothing like this under normal circumstances. There is usually a lot of stuff sitting on the counters, dirty dishes next to the sink and generally a lot more clutter in the "office" area.


Anthony & Sharon said...

So can you not replace the fridge (or you just want to save that money?) I like your place! It looks cozy. And the bathroom looks clean to me!

roger and courtney said...

We just don't want to spend the money. It actually works great and a lot of houses here will come with a fridge so we will wait until we move and see if we need to buy one then.
Thank you for the bathroom compliment...that just makes me happy!