05 November 2010

Halloween 2010

Our Halloween, or lack thereof, didn't quite go as planned.

First, I needed a brown t-shirt for Asher to wear under his costume (we were planning a repeat of last year's Asher Bear). There were no brown t-shirts to be found. Baby Gap, the export store, even the kids section at the mall. Nobody sells a brown t-shirt. Finally after searching all over the city I found one in a little shop at the end of our street.

So, I had the t-shirt. Bonus: the shirt had a motorcycle on it. Asher was very agreeable in switching from his car-car shirt to the new motorcycle shirt. Then I brought out the Asher Bear costume. Asher lost it. I mean, on the floor screaming and kicking, lost it. He apparently has a deep rooted fear of the bear costume. I gave up rather quickly. I think Roger was proud and surprised that I let it go so easily.

We headed out to Charl E. Chaang's (think Chuck E. Cheese with an elephant) for what CNN.com promised would be a great kid's Halloween party.

It was a bust.

Pretty much it was bunch of adults drinking and a bunch of kids that were not wearing costumes. (What kind of kid's place has an entire section of the menu devoted to alcohol?!?!?) I guess it worked out that Asher didn't want to dress up. There was no Trick or Treating like the website promised and the door prize was a green jelly candy. The pregnant lady was really hoping for some chocolate. Since we were there we went ahead and had some pizza and watched Asher be too small to really enjoy the place.

This all happened on Saturday night.

So, Sunday rolled around and it actually felt like fall here in Bangkok. It was in the low 80's and sort of breezy and miracle of miracles I convinced Asher to wear his one pair of blue jeans (ok, his one pair of long pants) to church. He was of course still wearing the new motorcycle shirt. In fact, he had slept in it the night before. He only took it off while he was bathing. I received copious amounts of praise from the Thai mothers at church because for once I had appropriately dressed my child for the freezing temperatures we were experiencing.

Sunday after nap time we headed up the street to the mall to see if maybe they had Halloween stuff going on. I really wanted some candy.

They did have giant pumpkins.

And one store even had a Halloween carriage. They gave Asher a hat and a cookie. That cookie was all the candy we got for Halloween. And since I am a good mother I didn't steal his cookie, I let him eat it.

Now let's look at the good that came of this Halloween.

1. I didn't waste money on a costume.
2. Asher has a new favorite shirt.
3. Those blue jeans finally got worn.
4. I impressed my Thai friends by dressing Asher warmly.
5. I didn't eat too much Halloween candy.

I am looking forward to next year when my youngest child will be too young to refuse to wear a costume and he will, of course, be forced to wear the bear costume. Asher can just get another new t-shirt.


Emily said...

This is hilarious! I'm sorry you didn't get any chocolate. I've been surreptitiously eating Gracie's. She usually gets a bite of it becaus she can hear me opening food wrappers and snacks from ANYWHERE in the house no matter how quiet I try to be! Oh... and I'm glad Asher got to wear pants. :)

Anthony & Sharon said...

What you haven't thought about though is that when little brother is special and has a costume, big brother will want one too. Just a prediction.

roger and courtney said...

I guess I should mention that my wonderful husband did go buy me a Reese's at the import store on Sunday night. That definitely helped.