25 November 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a pretty low-key Thanksgiving celebration this year. Just some good friends, good food and a lot of desserts.

The original plan was to just have chicken because turkeys are super expensive here, but Celeste came through with a very fresh (like on Tuesday it was alive and Wednesday it was in my fridge) and reasonably priced turkey.

Turkey Before.

Turkey After.

Please note that I had very little to do with the transformation of the turkey besides being the only one with an oven and a refrigerator that was big enough to house the turkey.

Turkey Cutting.

We all brought a few of our favorite things.

Angela wowed us with her desserts.

We had cherry pie, apple pie and her very famous pumpkin cookies.

We ate a lot.

Had time to talk to our friends.

Made a turkey.

Made some new friends.

Took a group picture.

And another group picture.

And, at last, we took a good group picture.

Happy Thanksgiving!

(note to pregnant friends: hosting Thanksgiving while almost 9 month pregnant will leave you a bit sore, but very thankful for friend that will wash your dishes for you)

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Anthony & Sharon said...

Looks like fun! Glad you met the Bennett's! I'm pretty sure Ella came a couple days late? Maybe not. I'm with you on the "Due dates are for hopeful chumps." Isaac was only 5 days late...still though. Glad you get to be preggers with somebody!