18 January 2011

More Pictures

A few more pictures from around the house.

We've had quite a few visitors over the past few weeks.

Jack took his first bath and Asher was right there helping me.

So far Jack is a big fan of the bath. The bathroom is the hottest room in our house, so I never worry about him getting cold.

Asher and Jack wore their matching shirts the other day. Unfortunately this was the best picture we could get. Maybe when Jack gets a little better at holding up his head we will try again.

And more pictures of Jack doing his thing (sleeping) and Asher doing his thing (making things crash/eating flour).


Anthony & Sharon said...

Those pics are all awesome. Asher is so cute and Jack is a beautiful baby and wait, wha??? you have a bathtub???

roger and courtney said...

Yep, BKK is classy like that. We've got bathtubs and everything. Except that we don't have a plug for the tub and we have yet to find one that's the right size. So Asher just sits by the faucet and plays in the water that way.

Mark and Beth said...

adorable! i love the pic of them together. jake loves to make things "go crash" too so it must be a boy thing:) you look great!