06 January 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... dark and quiet. Beer garden season (yes, that's a real season around here) has finally ended and we are able to enjoy quiet nights instead of listening to very loud music from the mall at the end of our street. From Halloween to New Year's there was live music several nights each week.

I am thinking... that I ate too much chicken spaghetti for dinner. But I was really hungry. And I am supposed to be eating extra calories each day.

I am thankful for... Asher loving his little brother, Jack sleeping good (for a 2 week old), Roger having a very flexible schedule during the next month and Roger being great at doing dishes, cleaning the house and taking care of Asher.

From the kitchen... it's clean. And since Jack has been home it's actually been staying clean. I feel like I suddenly have more energy now that I'm not 9 months pregnant, taking care of Asher all morning and studying Thai all afternoon.

I am wearing... shorts. Normal, non-maternity, shorts. Yay!

I am creating... milk? I'm really not the creative type.

I am going... to the park with Roger, Asher and Jack most evenings.

I am reading... nothing. I'm waiting for our Kindle to get here and I don't want to buy any books before then.

I am hoping... that Mimi has an easy trip to Bangkok (she will be here in less than a week!)

I am hearing... the air conditioners running upstairs.

Around the house... Asher and Jack are both in bed. Roger is out working. I'm on the couch.

One of my favorite things... that newborn smell.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Sleep. Feed the baby. Change diapers. Feed the baby. Do laundry. Feed the baby. Play with Asher. Feed the baby.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing... It's Jack and Asher. And another one of Jack.

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Anthony & Sharon said...

Love this! Oh that newborn smell and feeding babies!!!