26 January 2011

1 Month

Jack turned one month old on Monday. At his one month check-up he weighed 10 pounds (4.55 kg) and was 21.5 inches (54.5 cm) long.

So far Jack is an easy baby. He doesn't cry much and he sleeps pretty good. A few times last week he slept through most of the night and even when he doesn't sleep all night he goes right back to sleep after eating. We swaddle him at night and he seems to really like that. He is eating great and obviously gaining lots of weight. Mimi gave him a bottle for the first time while she was here. He attacked it, drank 4 oz. and then got handed over to me to eat even more.

During the day he mostly naps on the couch or in my lap. It's not that he won't sleep in his bed, it's just that I am having so much fun laying around in the afternoons holding him. We have started putting him in his bed for naps in the morning and as long as we put him on his belly he sleeps really well.

My mom brought all of the cloth diapers with her, so within the past two weeks we have started using them. They are pretty bulky, but seem to fit Jack for the most part and they give him a sweet cloth diaper booty.

After a month Asher still really likes having Baby Jack around. He likes to know where he is and what he is doing at all times. I am so thankful that Asher adjusted well to his role as big brother.


Brittney said...

LOVE IT!!!! My Daniel is like Jack in his eatting and easy baby nature. It is such a blessing to have a second baby that is kinda go with the flow. And I'm SO excited that Asher is adjusting and loving being a big brother. It's so much fun isn't it! Also, thanks for putting up your birth story - loved reading it! Can't wait to follow up more :)

Anthony & Sharon said...

Love the cloth diaper booty! Happy 1 month Jack!

Also...we found a cloth diaper store here today! There's actually a Malaysian-made brand called Lunatots...very cute! They're a one-size cd like bumgenius, but the liner and the PUL outer material are 2 different colors. Google it... maybe if you do come to visit us, I can take you to one of their stores!? They even have cloth diaper detergent too!

roger and courtney said...

I do need to come see you and buy some detergent and check out those diapers. I found some here that says it doesn't have enzymes, brighteners, softeners and all that junk and I have been using it. I hope it is good enough because Bangkok definitely does not have a cloth diaper store.