11 January 2011

2010 in Review (and Pictures!)

January was our last month in Canada. We said goodbye to all of our friends and packed our bags for Bangkok.

During February we settled into our new house, unpacked our stuff and spent some time exploring the city.

In March Asher got his first real haircut. This is also when we started studying Thai full time.

We went to the beach for a few days in April and had lots of fun swimming and seeing the ocean.

In May we found out we were expecting a new baby due on Christmas Day.

Mimi and Mel came to Bangkok in June and Roger and I celebrated our fifth anniversary with a night away.

During July we took Asher to the zoo and found out that Hampton Baby #2 would be a boy.

In August we saw Asher start to be more comfortable with Thai people and start to understand a lot of the Thai language.

Asher turned 2 in September. We celebrated with our church friends on Sunday morning and with all of his aunts and uncles that night.

In October Asher left his crib and moved into his new big boy bed with no problems at all.

In November we celebrated Thanksgiving with our friends and finally decided on a name for our new baby boy.

And of course in December we welcomed our Christmas Eve baby.


Anthony & Sharon said...

Well...when you say it like that, it seems like a pretty straight-forward year. I like that the description of the month before you found out you were pregnant there's "We went to the beach for a few days." Should we be calling Jack "Hua Hin?" ;) Ha! Just kidding (not sure if that's even the beach you went to!)
What a fantastic 2010!

Mark and Beth said...

i love the picture recap of 2010. i might steal that idea for 2011:)

roger and courtney said...

Sharon, you are funny! Baby Jack is a Bangkok boy all the way, he was already with us in Hua Hin.