08 January 2011

Christmas 2010

Our Christmas didn't exactly go as planned this year since we were in the hospital with our little Christmas Eve baby.

Our original plans were to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our good friend Angela, make some cinnamon rolls for breakfast, open gifts and meet a group of friend at Outback for dinner.

Instead Angela spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Asher. They went and had waffles with a bunch of our co-workers on Christmas morning.

Asher had a great time surrounded by many of his favorite aunts and uncles and then joined us at the hospital for a little while. Definitely not the big Christmas morning I was planning.

A few days after we came home from the hospital we put out Asher's big Christmas present and let him come downstairs after nap time to see it.

He loves his new dog and his new brother!

We asked him what the dog's name was and he answered "maa" (rising tone). I thought he said Mel (my brother's name), but Roger quickly realized that he was saying the Thai word for dog. So now the dog's name is Dog.

I also wanted to take a family Christmas picture, even if it was a few days after Christmas.

We gave Asher a few of his other presents over the next few days. His favorite gift was a DVD with little short stories with characters from the Cars movie.

The day after we came home from the hospital we also had a box arrive from Granny. She sent clothes, Toy Story pajamas and lots of UK stuff for the boys.

And we even got to have our Christmas morning cinnamon rolls earlier this week. They were soooo messy and soooo yummy. I think they will become our new Christmas morning tradition.

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Mark and Beth said...

i LOVE that picture of Jack in his stocking. It's precious!