27 January 2011

Mimi's Trip

It started with us surprising Mimi at the airport with a sleeping Baby Jack.

Asher was so happy to see his Mimi the next morning. They spent a lot of time playing cars on the new mat she brought for him.

We went out to eat a few times.

Mimi gave lots of baths and Asher insisted that she be the one to put him down for all naps and night nights. She also had to be the one to get him up.

Mimi and Asher went on a dinner date to McDonald's.

We went to the park.

Mimi got to go with us for Baby Jack's first trip to church. She had fun showing him to all of our friends.

We broke out the bed sheets and tried to take some family pictures.

Asher still doesn't like to have his picture taken, but we tricked him into being in a few shots.

We spent an entire day watching Asher walk around like this:

(He fell in the driveway, got a boo boo and then decided he could no longer walk. Amazingly the next day when I didn't put a band-aid on his knee he regained full use of his leg.)

And then, sadly, it was time for Mimi to go home.

1 comment:

Mark and Beth said...

too funny! at least it only lasted a day:) what if he had boo boos on both knees? that would be interesting...