16 May 2009

Asher Goes to Denver

Asher is in Denver this week while his mom and dad are at their Appointment Week meetings and Appointment service. This is one big step to Asher getting to move to Bangkok. Pray for all of us this week as we find out more about our schedule for the next few months and start to work out all the details of our big move.

While we are gone enjoy a few more pictures of our super cute baby boy.

Asher and Daddy at a recent doctor's appointment.

Asher checking out that baby in the mirror, he loves that guy!

Asher getting a quick nap in on one of our recent trips.

1 comment:

Brittney said...

Courtney where did yall get your walker for Asher? I have been looking for one (Craigslist, Target, etc) and like how yours looks like it collapses and has a tray for toys instead of tons of stuff stuck to it. I watched the video of him in is walker again today. What can I say, if I'm on your blog anyway. . .hehehe.