30 May 2009

Eight Months

Eight month old Asher still loves to eat, still loves to smile and he still loves to have his picture taken.
I have started making his baby food chunkier and giving him little cereal puffs to snack on.

We haven't been to the doctor lately, but I think he probably weighs around 19 lbs.

Asher has gotten more interested in his toys lately, he loves to sit in the floor and play. Of course, his favorite part of playing is putting everything in his mouth.

All of his top front teeth are coming in right now. So far only one has broken all the way through, but I think the others will be here any day now.

Asher has started pushing up on his arms and he can scoot backwards when he really wants to. He seems a little more interested in trying to crawl, but he hasn't quite figured it out yet.

The biggest challenge this month has been the appearance of some separation anxiety, mainly when Mama leaves the room. Luckily Asher is easily distracted by pretty much anything.

Asher talks more some days than others. He still sticks to the "mama" and "dada" sounds most of the time. Roger claims that Asher almost said dog and ball the other day. I'm not sure if this really did happen, but I do know that Asher loves dogs and balls, so it is a definite possibility.

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Jessica Brammer said...

Wow, so cute. If I remember right he should be almost a year old! My son is 9 months and is so antsy to be a big boy like his brother.

How are you liking being away from Indonesia? When do you go to Bangkok?