15 May 2009

Chuck E. Cheese

Asher has been busy celebrating birthdays this month. So far he has gone to Chuck E. Cheese for Mommy's birthday, celebrated at Alex's pizza birthday party and accompanied Mimi to her birthday dinner.
I may be a little biased, but I think he enjoyed my Chuck E. Cheese party the best. He bounced up and down the whole time we were there, he was so excited to see all of the other kids, the lights, the noises, the games. Asher did try to ride a few rides, it didn't go too well. I think he will have even more fun when he is older.

Enjoying Clifford the slow moving dog with Uncle Mel.

Smiling and bouncing in his highchair.

The whole crew in a self-portrait ala Will J.

The best part of any trip to Chuck E. Cheese is, of course, trading in your tickets for a wonderful prize. Asher traded in his tickets for a squishy basketball, perfect for teething (he got one new top tooth yesterday and has three more top teeth on the way), and carrying around as he runs wildly in his walker.

There was one part of the birthday festivities that Asher did miss out on...

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