24 May 2009

Denver Adventures

A First Class Baby

I am starting to think that Asher is a little spoiled. Every time we fly with him we get to fly in first class. When we left Indonesia we were able to fly most of the way home in first class with a tiny 3 month old Asher.

And this past week flying to and from Denver we were able to fly in first class again.

I think from now on I will always fly with Asher, that's a nice way to travel.

Adventures in Hotel Land

For most of the week Asher was in the hotel room with his Mimi while Roger and I were in meetings. We did sneak out of a few meetings and snapped these sweet pictures of Asher sleeping and playing.

Big City Sights

One night after our meetings were over we took a taxi downtown to walk around and check out the city.

While we were downtown we went by the U.S. Mint and took a few pictures.

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