06 May 2009

Kiss the Camera

Asher is a master walker in his walker. Everyday he runs around the house chasing dogs, exploring under the table, opening drawers and trying to get into the trash can. He loves to move. Just the other day he started giving us big, slobbery, baby kisses. This afternoon Asher was all wound up and we decided to capture some of the fun on video. Enjoy his sweet kisses and chubby little legs.


Brittney said...

Wow. Your baby seriously brings joy to anybody's day. He has this rockin' smile and happy personality. This video is great. Thanks for posting it. I think him and Anna would get along really well. She's got such a happy personality too and smiles a lot like Asher does. In fact, I question how she can be happy practically all the time - but I'll take it!!! It's so much fun!

Brittney said...

I have watch the video 5 times now.