03 May 2009

I Love My Sling

I love wearing Asher in a sling. There are many different kinds and many different brands. I have a New Native Baby Carrier, I have no idea if it is the best, but I got it for $15 from a website called Mama Bargains. I would love a cute HotSling! but they pretty expensive.

Prayer of Hannah: GIVEAWAY: A Pouch Sling!

This blog is having a giveaway for a pouch sling. To enter all you have to do is leave a comment, so go and leave a comment and hopefully you will win a sling!

I have been wearing Asher in a sling since he was a tiny newborn. I think this picture was taken when he was about a week old.

Doesn't he look sweet all curled up in there? When Asher was first born I would wear him in the sling almost every morning while I fixed myself breakfast and straightened up the house. Now that he is bigger I usually wear him on my hip or sitting up in front of me in the sling. Here is a picture from our trip to the beach. Asher rode in the sling almost the whole time we were on the beach.

Although I used to make fun of slings (click here to read about it), I am now a big fan. They are sort of difficult to get used to, but once you get the hang of it they are very easy to use and most babies love them.

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Anthony and Sharon said...

We LOVE our sling too. I never would have thought I'd be so hippy crunchy with the whole sling thing. I now have two...a reversible black/lime green and now a deep pretty red one. Next time you're in our city lemme know and I'll show you where I got em...the red one was less than $20 and they have lots of fun colors (I mean, if you're gonna wear your baby, you might as well have a sling that coordinates!)