19 May 2009

Asher's Friends

Asher is fascinated with other kids, whether they are bigger than him or smaller than him he loves to be around them. He had a great time getting to know Maddie and recently he has gotten to see some of his other buddies.
Alex recently turned a year old and invited Asher to his birthday bash.

This is actually the best picture of the two of them that I got. Trying to get two pictures of wiggly boys is hard! Asher watched with wide eyes as Alex tore into his birthday cake and got a bunch of new toys. I had a great time eating pizza and cake and talking to my friends.

A few weeks ago Asher's cousin (well, I guess technically his second cousin) came over to celebrate Easter. She was pretty confused as to why a lot of her baby toys were at our house. Asher has been borrowing her swing, bouncy seat, exersaucer and the famous walker since we moved to America.

Asher wasn't exactly the most gracious host. He pinned her up against the wall and grabbed her hand, every time she would get loose he would chase her and catch her again. He is a genius in that walker!

Now, these two are not exactly kids, but Asher did have fun eating dinner with them a few weeks ago in Lexington.

Don't Sarah and Woody look good with a baby? I think they should look into getting one of their own!

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