01 May 2009

a day out with daddy (by: the baby daddy)

Asher has been excited for a while about celebrating his Momma's first Mother's Day. Since he doesn't have his license yet, he needed me to drive him around to help him work on a Mother's Day surprise for his mommy. He also doesn't have a job or fine motor skills, so he needed my credit card and my assistance...but I swear it was all his idea.

Anyway, for the very first time, Asher and his Pops went out on the town all by themselves. Asher has had to babysit his Dad on several occasions, but this was the first time that they went out together without Mom!

We had a wonderful time spending some time together and working on a super cool project for Momma...but it's a secret so I can't reveal what it is until Mother's Day. But here is a picture from our day out...it's really blurry because I had to crop it heavily so you can't see the surroundings...the rest of the picture will be revealed soon enough!

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Brittney said...

Roger, you never let us know what Asher did for Courtney for Mother's Day - or did I miss the boat on that one!