10 September 2008

Asher Watch - Day 1

Well, there's not really too much to watch or report. Still no Asher. Roger says tomorrow is the day, I'm not that optimistic. We do go back and see Dr. Pujo tomorrow night (Thursday morning in the USA) and hopefully we will have some word from him about what happens next.

I have been walking every day in hopes of helping Asher get here sooner, but so far no luck. I am really sore and he has dropped down even more, so maybe the walks are helping some. I have also read that eating spicy food can sometimes bring on labor. I have been eating super spicy food for about a year and a half now...and we're still waiting.

So, for the funny part of waiting for a baby to be born in another country...
Roger gets about a thousand text messages a day and they almost all say this:
When Courtney will born your baby?

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