14 September 2008

Asher Watch - Day 5

Today we continued our wait and did some cooking and took another trip to Starbucks. We keep taking the one last trip to Starbucks before the baby is born, but unfortunately the baby has yet to be born and we keep going back to Starbucks. Maybe today really was the last time...

I've gotten increasingly grumpy when people (a.k.a. our national friends) ask where Asher is. They evidently don't use due dates here so I guess it's my fault for telling them that Asher would be born on 9 September. Therefore on 9 September they all started freaking out because there was no Asher. They all think my doctor must not know what he is doing and that something is going terribly wrong. In fact they make sure and text message either me or Roger several times a day to let us know that something has gone wrong and that we should go to the doctor immediately. One of our friends even told us that his uncle would "born my baby" if my doctor was "wrong again this week."

So, in honor or my cultural frustrations the quote of the day comes from Roger's cell phone, "Were there any sign yet?"

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